Asura and the Council of Venice wants YOU!
2014/02/10 20:27:56 GMT
Your quests for knowledge and enlightenment have led you to the Followers of Asura and Pest Control.

Who are the Followers of Asura and Pest Control?
The history of the Followers and Pest Control are shrouded in mystery. Little is known about their actions or motivations, but tales of their knowledge and assistance are legend. The Followers and Pest Control have come to the aid of many in times of need in the past. They now serve Asura and The Council of Venice in maintaining order while while seeking out new recruits to join their ranks while others serve the gods to seek out flaws in their creation.

Your desire for knowledge has lead you to the information gathered on these pages and if you truly wish to help your fellow man, seek to join the Followers of Asura and the Pest Control.