To decide your own fate is not for the fainthearted, great warrior!

Many have attempted to enter the great hall and failed. When the Followers arrive at the field of battle, only the best of warriors are considered.

Before you seal your fate, take the following to heart:
  • The Followers of Asura and Pest Control will only accept the experienced warriors and maidens who are ready to seek out the mysterious Phoenix of the South and Council of Venice.
  • The Gods have commanded the Followers and Pest control to seek out, report & test the flaws in their creation & to travel the distant lands and recruit the worthy. This entails that you must have the gift of the written & spoken English language.
  • There is no need to commit yourself to the Gods if you would rather sit in the Inn. So do make sure you have the time and the desire to make your stay in the great hall worth while.
If you sincerely believe that your victories on the field of battle are great and your knowledge exceed your peers, then you would show great bravery by calling upon the Followers and Pest Control for judgment!

If you believe you have what it takes to be a member of the Followers of Asura and Pest Control, enlist below. Glory to the chosen few that serve!

If you have already submitted an application and are looking for more information please contact