About the Followers of Asura

The Followers of Asura are priests and warriors alike. They gather in secret. Their numbers and strength are unknown to mere mortal men.

Tales of their deeds are growing. The Followers of Asura serve Asura by traveling the lands of Hyboria and seeking out new recruits while maintaining order throughout the lands while others work within the void between creation and the world of man to seek out & report & test the flaws in the creation of the gods that is Hyboria.

It is said that the Followers are growing in number, and that they have begun to be seen more often away from the shadows and hidden temples where they have sought refuge in the past as they travel throughout Hyboria assisting the gods in maintaining order throughout Hyboria while seeking out those who wish to join the ranks of their order.

Glory to those whom serve!

About the Pest Control

The Council of Venice isn't all pomp and circumstance. It has unknown dimensions.

Deep in the bowels of Venice are the grimy offices of Pest Control -- an agency within the Council tasked with the dirtiest of dirty jobs: to hunt and kill monsters that have crawled out of the dark places and entered the regular world. They are the men-in-brown, the guys and girls who aren't afraid of getting their hands bloody and their clothes spattered with demon entrails.

Disguised as bug hunters -- exterminators -- Pest Control is called on when demons are summoned by amateur sorcerers in Brooklyn bedsits, when ghouls emerge from Guatemalan cemeteries that are being excavated to build condos, and when rogue vampire nests in Los Angeles begin to feed on porn starts.

The Council's primary responsibility is to keep the secret world secret, and to keep the secrets of the secret world secret from the rest of us, and so Pest Control is just that: wearing coveralls with a curious logo (an anti-monster sign instead of an anti-cockroach sign) and travelling around in rickety vans, these occult exterminators pretend to be bug hunters.

But these guys are tough, they're armed to their teeth, and they have powerful spells designed to take care of all but the most hideous of outer-dimensional monstrosities. Their prime responsibility, however, is to cover up their activities -- even to the point of drugging and brainwashing witnesses. No one will ever know that the so-called bedbug infestation was really a case of a haunted apartment complex.

Pest Control answers to the Council, but the Council is known to turn a blind eye to most of their activities, allowing these guys to get away with murder. Literally. And rumour has it that Pest Control is trying to break out on their own, to take a bigger piece of the pie, and perhaps to even build a cabal of their own...