Followers Structure - Ranks

In the absence of order, chaos prevails. To secure order, the Followers of Asura and Pest Control are organized into the following ranks.

The worthy few that pass through the temple doors are given the rank of Initiate. They are given thorough training in how to wield the powers granted to them as Followers of Asura.

As knowledge only comes with studies, the Initiate undergoes training in the secret powers of the Followers and the teachings of Hyboria.

Those that show resilience and ability to wield the powers and the knowledge entrusted to them are promoted to Protector.

The Protectors are a trustworthy and selected few that are given the honour to represent the Followers of Asura in the daily dealings of Hyboria. They are charged to enter the lands of Hyboria in order to assist those who call out in despair.

Only a selected few from the ranks of Protector are promoted to the rank of Centor after showing great abilities and resourcefulness. They are charged by the leadership to oversee the Protectors and handle the tasks that require a higher knowledge and insight of the secrets of the Followers.

Centors may be called upon by Protectors when special abilities and higher knowledge are required.

To be appointed to the position of Legate is a great honor. This rank of leadership is reserved for the few who show great passion and understanding of the ways of the Followers. Legates are appointed from the Centors to lead small groups within the Followers.

Legates are charged with the responsibility of daily administration and execute the orders given by the leadership. Furthermore, they exist to motivate and oversee their fellow Followers and improve the operation to perfection.

Overseers & Prophets
The leadership of the Followers is carried by the Overseers and their Prophets. Three Overseers have been given the mantle of responsibility over various tasks and Followers. They are charged with watching over their respective areas of responsibility and to make the necessary changes and improvements.

Each Overseer has at least one Prophet charged with assisting them. The Overseers and Prophets are the chosen few that are not selected by the Followers, but are appointed by a higher power.